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Ladies of Favor Dream Academy offers a blended curriculum that includes a  traditional and online learning model. We are also proud to announce the launch of our online academy for the 20203-2024 school year! This program will be offered in addition to our on-campus program.

Ladies of Favor Dream Academy utilizes the Abeka curriculum to provide students with first-class academic training. Abeka is a trusted curriculum that has been around for over 40 years, is used by approximately 10,000 Christian schools across America, and is used by over 1 million children worldwide. The Abeka curriculum provides an academically challenging, college preparatory education while at the same time emphasizing strong Christian values, development of character, self-discipline, and proper study habits.

Other supplemental material is implemented to educate the child spiritually, emotionally, and socially.

Traditional Model (In-Person Learning)

  • On Campus 

  • Face-to-Face instruction

  • Monday -Thursday, 8am-3pm

  • Friday - Virtual Learning

Virtual Model (Online Academy)

  • Home

  • Scholars utilize streaming and online material along with work packets and other independent study activities for learning engagement.

  • Live Lessons

  • Daily Attendance Sign In

  • 1 Day Weekly On-Campus Check In

The expectations for the Virtual Model will be the same as the Traditional Model learning in terms of participation and engagement, conduct, grading, and accountability.

Image by Martin Adams

Be Minor! Be Major!

Always be a Lady!

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