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Welcome to Ladies of Favor Dream Academy!


It is an honor and privilege to have the ability to serve and lead your scholars to greatness. Our desire is to establish an ongoing relationship that will allow you to feel comfortable and content as your daughter excels to the next level of possibility. We aim to have a year of success, triumph, and victory in every area of life. We are excited about the new opportunities that await us this year.


We will work collaboratively as a village to ensure each scholar reaches their full potential and destiny.  Ladies of Favor Dream Academy fosters a standard of excellence in order to assist young girls into becoming bold and confident women.


There are no limitations in life, only the ones you place upon yourself. The vision and potential of success of each student will manifest within Ladies of Favor Dream Academy. Our desire is to meet each scholar where they are and mold them into becoming better. I am thrilled to serve and be a part of the journey to create a platform of hope, growth, and confidence while exuding academic excellence.



Educationally yours,


Gabrielle Starr Ph.D., MSW

Founder & Head of Schools


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Be Minor! Be Major!

Always be a Lady!

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