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Ladies of Favor Dream Academy is an elite private Christian school offering a structured learning environment that educates, empowers, and exposes girls to greatness. Ladies of Favor Dream Academy caters to the innumerable developmental needs of young girls in today’s society.




The mission of Ladies of Favor Dream Academy is to transform the lives of girls and educate them academically, spiritually, emotionally, and socially. Ladies of Favor Dream Academy offers supportive services that provide a standard of excellence and fosters the development of continued success.





We believe all scholars are equipped with the proper tools to succeed and thrive.  With God being the foundation of everything, there are no limitations to learning.and proper guidance, direction, and support, there are no limitations to their learning. Unorthodox methods of learning are incorporated such as single gender learning as it provides a foundation for academic growth and development.


I pledge as a Lady of Favor that I will put God first in all I do.

I will always love myself, respect myself, and take care of myself.

I vow to love, respect, and embrace my Ladies of Favor sisters.

I vow to keep Ladies of Favor near and dear to my heart.


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